QA Engineer

Logic Planet, Inc. (Princeton, NJ) seeks QA Engineer to establish and evolve QA processes that adhere to industry-accepted best practices in manual, regression, performance, and automated testing. Design, implement and document procedures for process control, process improvement, testing and inspection. Have experience in Linux command prompt (sed, awk, grep, etc.), Java, and Agile/Scrum with an emphasis on testing acceptance criteria. Have programming skill in C++, C#, Perl, PHP, JSP, etc. Utz Selenium in a Linux/Mac environment. Conduct web application development and testing using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Dvlp and test REST/SOAP web svcs. May travel and relocate to various unanticipated locations thru-out the US. Must have a Master’s deg in Comp Sci, Engg, Info Tech/Systms or related and 1 yr of exp. Please forward cl and resume indicating position of interest to EOE. No calls.


  • Must have a Master’s deg in Comp Sci, Engg, Info Tech/Systms or related and 1 yr of exp
  • PublishedMay 25,2017
  • POSITIONFull Time
  • Location
  • DEPARTMENTInformation Tech
  • CLOSING DATEDecember ,
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