Freight Rater

Logic Planet Inc. envisions creating a stress-free shipping platform for online merchants via our consolidation approach.

With our advanced Freight Calculator technology and integration with various carriers and providers, we would like to create Fright Rater Tool, a freight management tool to make your shopping simple and fun! Your one-stop solution to get instant freight quote, book and track your freight. With the help of our freight specialist’s team, managing your freight shipping will be simpler, faster, and without having to make multiple phone calls.
The best thing we have to provide you with is instant freight quote for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight shipping.

Freight calculation will be done based on below parameters
o No. of Boxes
o Weight of shipment
o Source and Destination
o Zip based
o City/ State based
Above calculation will also be depend the type of service requested by end customer
o Self Service (Station to Station)
o Semi-Full Service (Door to Station)
o Semi-Full Service (Station to Door)
o Full Service (Door to Door)
o Picks up same-day, 1-day, and 2-day destination points.


RxMarkets platform is one stop shop for all drug distributors who want to sell more, want to help customers with best medicines at competitive pricing. The platform allows users / customers to showcase their drugs offering along with their available quantity, discount %, pricing etc
RxMarkets will provide a complete solution by bringing buyers and sellers of Pharmaceuticals under a common platform to engage in unbiased exchange (Buy orSell)

The platform is safe and secure, which means only registered pharmacy companies can sell their offerings. The companies need to register on platform with all their details. They will be automatically approved by system using smart technology after verifying their drug selling license no.
Once supplier is being approved by system to trade on platform then they will be able to upload their drug inventory on platform and pricing of their offering is being again moderated by the technology which makes sure that supplier / the approved merchant cannot give haywire pricing.

RxMarket will offer two different market place aggregation platforms: Supplier to Pharmacy (S2P) and Pharmacy to Pharmacy (P2P)


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