How to add value to the recruitment process

To make consistent customer loyalty, and to be categorized as the best in your industry, you must create value for your customer at every step of your process. You should not be only a service provider, but a consultant and specialist in your field. You should provide advice, solve problems and add value.
There will always be organizations willing to give services at lower prices. To build a profitable business and customer loyalty you must not only focus on price. You must be focused on value for money and adding value to every process.
Some industries such as the service industry frequently struggle to illustrate how they add value, as it is not as easy to show the value of service compared to other industries, for example, the manufacturing process. To help with disclosing how to add value to a service, we will use the recruitment industry as an example, and explain the value that is added to the recruitment process.
Understanding the higher perspective: It is essential to have a strong knowledge of challenges and changes in the market when it comes to training, benefits, salaries, skills shortages, compliance, and more. This proficiency allows the team to better understand the challenges and opportunities for clients.
Clearly identifying the issue: A problem clearly characterized is as of now most of the way to being settled. A good consultant will focus on finding out more about a job than what is contained in the job description and understanding the job and the traits of the desired candidate in more detail. This part of the process is significant so time is not wasted searching for the wrong candidates. It additionally allows the experts to recognize difficulties with the hunt, and explore options that might not have been considered by the customer.
Offering advice: Having experience working with hundreds of clients across industries, a strong recruiter can give advice on a range of HR and recruitment-related issues that can offer incredible benefits to customers. Recruitment is not only about searching for people. It is about understanding the impact an individual can have on their business, and looking for solutions that may not generally be clear to the customer.
Skills: Interviewing is a skill, a science, and an art. On average, a senior recruitment consultant will have conducted 1000’s interviews. A quality interviewer not only judges a candidate against the other applying for the job, however, can draw comparisons with 100’s other individuals interviewed over time.
Access to networks: Well-established recruitment organizations develop a data set of industry experts that have been interviewed and registered over many years. This database is an important piece of information that adds important value to the recruitment process. In addition to the organization database, each consultant has creates social media and personal networks within their field of specialization. Indeed if an organization has a strong network, access to additional networks will consistently add esteem.
Feedback: Sometimes the best candidates are not interested in a position. A good recruiter will give feedback on issues with the company, conditions, salary, and benefits, etc. This feedback is important for organizations to ensure they are doing what they can to attract and retain talented people, and find out why the best applicants may not be interested in the role.
Advertising: Each position is a product to be sold that needs to be filled. A good recruiter will write advertisements that not only outline the job description and salary but will also sell the opportunity and feature the advantages of working in the organization or job role.
Negotiation: A strong recruiter will also have the experience to act as a third party in the negotiation of employment contracts, considering terms of employment including salaries, advantages, and incentives with the perspective of arranging an outcome that is best for both parties. Having this third party can assist with acquiring better results for both parties.
As a service provider, it is significant that you can communicate how you add value to the process, and how you offer value to your clients. You must be able to demonstrate this value every day in your service delivery, and it must be developed as the cornerstone of your corporate culture.
Wrap Up
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