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There are dozens of them, and among the most prominent is Pokémon Gaia, by “Spherical Ice”. Pokémon Phoenix RisingPokémon Phoenix Rising is one of the best ROM hacks that have ever been made, and it’s almost fair to say that it’s become legendary for Pokémon fans. The Hawthorne region is opened up for players, and the feel of the game becomes more RPG and less versus-battle than the original aspired to be. In The Pokémon Phoenix Rising, one of your resounding tasks is to bring the Ho-Oh back to life. To do so, you must first catch this Legendary Pokémon in the Hawthorne region. What makes ROM hacks so great is that the outcome of the game depends upon player choices.

Enlist in the military, get to be a member of the Ruling Four. Or serve as a Jungle Zone employee to guide Pokemon about. The Pokemon series as a whole has some of the finest RPG games of our era. Nonetheless, our last item in our list of the top Pokemon ROM hacking brings the actual choice to a whole new level.

My all-time favorite FireRed hack is Pokémon Orange Islands, which follows Ash’s adventure through the Orange Archipelago, as seen on the anime series. Real-time battles are also a new concept that makes combat more dynamic, innovating rather than rehashing the same concept from the original games . Pokémon Little Cup Red is built on that play pokemon games for free idea, but extends it to the entire game, reducing every critter in the game to level 5 and replacing any that didn’t have an “infant form” with a similar creature. This interesting Twitch channel lets players vote on commands to input into the game, requiring collaboration to lead the player character to become a Pokémon Master.

Is Making Pokemon ROM Hacks Illegal?

One of the most characteristic things about Pokémon Dark Cry is that it is quite a complex story. In this Pokémon ROM hack, your character wakes up in a cavern with everything around being highly contrasted. There are two people, remaining by a shady special raised area who are talking about a “Shadow Plate.” You go after your Pokémon, but it turns out they are not there. You try to stop him, but he just walks directly past you. It’s a wonderful premise, the introduction of nuclear Pokemon is done seamlessly, and it also has built-in randomizers and nuzlocke modes for those that are so inclined. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up this list of fanmade Pokemon masterpieces.

  • Once a hack is completed it is released onto the Internet for others to play.
  • The biggest one is that you’re able to choose five starters, explore new regions, and play with Dream World Pokémon.
  • And the reality is that Nintendo have just the same right to take down a fan game as they have to take down fan art of a Pokemon.
  • As you play through the game, you will uncover new features.

There is even a tutorial video that we have regarding how you can play and use these apps. When you download Android apps for playing ROM hacks, you can find them in the Google Playstore. You can download them for free, but to fully enjoy the features, you need to pay. Paying is ideal when you want to enjoy the full features of the emulator or app.


The story of this Pokemon game revolves around a young kid who gets teleported to a new region called ‘Naljo’ while playing in his uncle’s mine cart. There are multiply characters available for the players, which you can select. So, you can enjoy gaming using some new characters in the Emerald. There are multiple types of changes have been made for the players, which you can easily access and enjoy spending your quality time with. That is the same for Gameboy ROMs, but there are those that come in a .IPS or .UPS file format.

What is the difference between a ROM and a ROM hack?

Notable examples include Skeetendo, PHO and PokéCommunity’s ROM Hack section, the largest known English-language Pokémon ROM hacking community. Many of these sites hold award nominations and ceremonies to showcase some of the best talents of their community. If the developers used a typed language, the hacker may be able to compile their own code for the game in the same language if they have access to a proper compiler. One such example would be using C to hack Nintendo 64 games, since MIPS-GCC can compile code for the Nintendo 64. Some intrepid hackers also perform level editing with a hex editor, but this is extremely difficult .

The matter is slightly more complicated with Super NES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games, as well as games for other systems, which store absolute RGB color values. Palette editors are usually simple and often are with level editors or game-specific graphics editors. The Pokemon Dark Rising series consists of Dark Rising 1, 2, and 3 . It is among the most loved Pokemon ROM hacks as it features a highly addictive story. The unique storyline is set in an entirely different region undergoing troubles.