Online Presence Matters: How It Affects Your Job Search

As more jobs going remote, there is a chance that in the post-pandemic labor market employers will progressively look into social media to find and assess the potential applicants.

Indeed before COVID-19 transformed the job marketplace, a survey by CareerArc found that 91% of employers used social media to support their recruiting efforts. For those who are looking for jobs that means your online presence can leave a huge positive or negative footprint on your job search.

So in your job search how social media can advantage you? If you figure out how to use you social profiles and online network in the right manner, while also being aware of how your online history might affect how job recruiters see you, you can place yourself in the top league of the candidate field.

The following ways help you to ensure your online presence is ready for your job hunt:

Keep your profiles clean

Brush up your social media profile pages before you start applying for jobs if you haven’t done so.

1.Check your profile pictures and photos

In the first place, ensure there are no unprofessional photos of you.

A good rule to follow is to avoid having any photos of you in a manner that could be present you as inappropriate or could represent you in an unfavorable light.

2.Avoid Politics

Second, keep your political perspectives non-existent. Despite the fact that social media is designed for expressing you thoughts, showing these perspectives could genuinely sway a recruiter on whether you would be a good cultural fit for the company, despite the fact that how qualified you are for the job.

3.Review your status

The third important point is to review your status updates. Delete or remove any kind of complaints about your job or former employer, or any general negative statement or comment. By eliminating the negativity and complaints on your social profiles, you will illustrate a picture of a confident and positive candidate.

Not ready to cleanse your social media profiles? Simply change the privacy settings of your profile to a level that makes you feel comfortable.

Keep a Good Reputation Online

As per the hiring experts, an in-person interview or online interview makes the first impression of the job applicants. Armed with that knowledge, it is in your best interest to take a few steps to manage what recruiters can learn about you online, even before you apply for a job.

Google yourself

Begin with Googling yourself to see what information can find. This crucial piece of cautious examination is really helpful in understanding any misinformation (for example if someone has a similar name as you), or there is outdated or inappropriate information that should be cleaned. Always remember that recruiters will search down all your social profiles, alongside any open information that is accessible online.

Taking charge of your online presence

Remember that while social media is an important tool for recruiters, it is similarly an amazing resource for job seekers as well. If you are using social media to describe yourself as a qualified and personable applicant, it is easy for you to catch the attention of recruiters on social media and you will be one step closer to landing your dream job.

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